Life is too short to be boring, right? If you are looking for some great trees to add visual interest to your yard, you probably don’t like to wear all one color, dress like everyone else, or decorate like everyone else – and that’s a good thing. Too many people are too content going along […]

Evergreen trees and shrubs are some of the most popular trees to plant in Ontario for many reasons, but the main one tends to be because they retain their foliage and remain green all year round. However, it is very important to note that not all evergreens are the same. By distinguishing common evergreen tree […]

As we enter into the spring months, it is getting wetter and wetter. Drenching rains and thunderstorms might be good for certain plants, there are some problems when it comes to certain trees and when there is an unusual amount of rain. For many regions, especially those where the soils are porous and drainage is […]

Evergreen trees are some of the hardiest trees that you can put into your yard – and they are quite beautiful. We get really attached to these trees because no matter what, they always seem to look beautiful. No matter what the weather, their attractive greenery remains. However, most evergreen trees will go through a yearly […]

If you are new to planting trees, you might think that you can just put it into the ground and everything will proceed as it should. That is not the case in most situations. For many of us, our trees need some care once they have been planted (and even before you plant them) in […]

Snow is one of the most beautiful, peaceful things on this planet. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most destructive things. Often when we think about the dangers associated with heavy snowfall, we think about road problems, frozen pipes, or even problems getting our pets to go outside. However, your trees also pose […]

For anyone who has a neighbor (which is most of us) we know that sometimes that relationship can be great, and sometimes it can be difficult. The same thing can be said about trees – they are beautiful but sometimes cause some problems. When those two things – neighbors and trees – meet up, they […]

The roots of your tree are incredibly important – they are the foundation for which much of the work that the tree does happens. They are beautiful, if you look closely enough, and they are strong. However, that doesn’t meant that they are always easy to handle. For many of us, they are in the […]

Pests. Insects. Bugs. Creepy Crawlies. Whatever you call them, pests in your garden and on your trees can be more than a little annoying. They are that – swarming around you, ruining the beauty of your garden, and even depleting your harvest. But sometimes, pests are even worse and you need to worry about them […]

If you are the type of person who wants to take care of everyone, you might have been called the “Mom/Dad of the group” or that you are “hovering” over everyone. While people sometimes secretly like that type of relationship (and sometimes they don’t), the other things in our lives often dislike it quite a […]