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30There are very few things in this world that will send shivers down your spine quite as spiders do. They are consistently ranked among the top fears of most people. Why? It could be that we’ve all experienced walking into a spider’s web and understanding that gross feeling as you try to pull it off, […]

Green space is at a premium all over the world and in our country. Too often, parks and forests are getting cleared away and used for retail locations, commercial properties, and development. It is impacting our health on all levels: mentally, physically, and emotionally. You may not even notice it right away, but this clearing […]

In the tree care industry, we like to throw around different words and phrases that people don’t really know. Some of the most common things we will mention are the different societies we are in and the different credentials that we have. If you aren’t involved in tree care, you may not be aware of […]

Do you have a deer problem around your trees? The level of deer damage your trees may experience depends on the types of trees, their location and other factors. Sometimes, the symptoms of deer around your trees will only happen at a certain time of the year, such as during the rutting season. Other times, […]

Sometimes you will need to act on tree care quickly because your tree has been labeled “high risk.” Your local township can name your tree high risk, your insurance company can identify the risk, or maybe your neighbors will start complaining. No matter what, there are some things that you need to know about high […]

If you are getting a tree cut down in your yard or on your commercial property, you probably have some questions about what you should do, how you can know if your tree really needs to be removed, what tools will be used, and more. Because trees live a long time, many people have very […]

A tree risk assessment evaluates the overall health of your trees, including the foliage, bark, roots, branches, and more. This is a process that you should do on your own on a regular basis – simply take a walk around your trees and look at them. After some time, you will be able to recognize […]

Lot clearing is a big deal, no matter why you want to clear it. In Peterborough, many people will choose to clear lots to build new homes or to establish a site for a new business. With this comes a lot of concern – if the company doing the lot clearing doesn’t do a good […]

If you are looking for a new kind of tree to plant in your yard in Peterborough, ON, then you are in for a treat – there are so many options. While most people look for the typical tree that is easy to take care of and that they’ve seen in so many other yards, you […]

How healthy are your trees? If you aren’t taking care of them properly, they may not be as healthy as they appear. Many trees will look healthy from the outside, but they are rotting from the inside, drying out from the bottom, or hosting infestations at the top. You need to take care of your […]