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A tree risk assessment evaluates the overall health of your trees, including the foliage, bark, roots, branches, and more. This is a process that you should do on your own on a regular basis – simply take a walk around your trees and look at them. After some time, you will be able to recognize […]

Lot clearing is a big deal, no matter why you want to clear it. In Peterborough, many people will choose to clear lots to build new homes or to establish a site for a new business. With this comes a lot of concern – if the company doing the lot clearing doesn’t do a good […]

If you are looking for a new kind of tree to plant in your yard in¬†Peterborough, ON, then you are in for a treat – there are so many options. While most people look for the typical tree that is easy to take care of and that they’ve seen in so many other yards, you […]

How healthy are your trees? If you aren’t taking care of them properly, they may not be as healthy as they appear. Many trees will look healthy from the outside, but they are rotting from the inside, drying out from the bottom, or hosting infestations at the top. You need to take care of your […]

Many people don’t realize how detrimental stumps are when they get their trees cut down. There are thousands of ideas online for how to make a tree stump “cute” or use it in decorating, but that doesn’t show just how dangerous things can be if you keep your tree stump. Not only is it unsightly, […]

Every day, it feels like more and more buildings are going up, stores are being built, and sections of trees are getting cut down to make room for warehouses. It is a shame that we are losing so much of our natural beauty. Most people don’t realize, however, that it is more than that. There […]

Most people think that when a tree gets mature enough, the only thing you really need to do is look for signs of aging. This isn’t the case at all – in fact, there are many things that you still need to do to ensure that your tree is living its best life. Trees aren’t […]

Life is too short to be boring, right? If you are looking for some great trees to add visual interest to your yard, you probably don’t like to wear all one color, dress like everyone else, or decorate like everyone else – and that’s a good thing. Too many people are too content going along […]

Evergreen trees and shrubs are some of the most popular trees to plant in Ontario for many reasons, but the main one tends to be because they retain their foliage and remain green all year round. However, it is very important to note that not all evergreens are the same. By distinguishing common evergreen tree […]

As we enter into the spring months, it is getting wetter and wetter. Drenching rains and thunderstorms might be good for certain plants, there are some problems when it comes to certain trees and when there is an unusual amount of rain. For many regions, especially those where the soils are porous and drainage is […]