Green space is at a premium all over the world and in our country. Too often, parks and forests are getting cleared away and used for retail locations, commercial properties, and development. It is impacting our health on all levels: mentally, physically, and emotionally. You may not even notice it right away, but this clearing process is probably impacting you as well.

Green space is a necessary part of life, whether you live in the country or in the city. Even if you never go sit in the park or take a hike through a forested area, just having that green space there benefits you. How does it do that? Continue reading to find out:

Cuts Back On Pollution

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  • Helps to bring fresh oxygen into the area
  • Absorbs some of the deadly toxins that float through the air
  • Encourages people to litter less

One of the biggest reasons for more green space is that mentally, it helps us be better people. Studies have shown that people who live near green spaces, or those who walk by them on the way to work, are less likely to litter. They also make smarter choices when it comes to using “greener” products like reusable water bottles and cloth bags.

Another aspect is that trees naturally fight against pollution. They exhale fresh oxygen as part of the natural photosynthesis process. The more trees there are, the fresher the air will be. Now, one tree isn’t going to be able to do much. This is why we need green space where there are many trees instead of just random trees dotted along the street every so often. Even if you work in an area where there are many buildings and a lot of pollution, you will still have a bit of an oasis where you can go and just take some deep breaths.

Finally, trees have been shown to absorb some of the toxins in the air, according to WallBarn. While this means you need to have special trees that can withstand some of the pollutants in the air, it also means that the air you are breathing is cleaner.

Green Spaces Are Good For Your Physical Health

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  • Gives people a place to go for exercise
  • Can increase lifespan
  • Can help growing children

Of course, green spaces can help your physical health as well. People who live in areas where there is green space are more likely to get out and move their bodies. Children who are allowed to run in green space will have a better outlook on physical activity and movement, helping to curb the growing obesity epidemic.

Having a safe place to run, where you don’t have to avoid traffic, encourages people to spend time outdoors. Even better, green spaces encourage group activities and community events, which can help with the overall physical health of a community.

Not only that, but green space has actually been shown to increase lifespan!

According to IS Global, “Multiple studies have found that green space reduces premature mortality, and increasing tree canopy from 20% to 30% in a city like Philadelphia could avoid more than 400 premature deaths annually (Kondo et al 2020). Particularly poorer neighborhoods would benefit.”

Physical health is so important for a healthy life, and we need to start investing in ways to ensure we take care of our bodies.

Green Space Is Good For Your Mental Health

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  • Gives people a place to reflect
  • Encourages mindfulness
  • Reduces stress

According to Marcus Arcanjo on Medium, “Public parks and gardens as a tool to improve physical and psychological well-being isn’t a new argument. In 1845, London’s Victoria Park became the first public green space and was opened with the goal of improving public health. Since then, the idea of having parks for the people has remained a staple within the lives of Londoners and cities around the world.” This is a trend that has continued around the world, including here at home.

Green spaces help to improve mental health even if you don’t use them. Just having them around can help the brain. However, those who utilize green spaces are the ones that really feel the benefit of them. Of course, part of that has to do with the fact that they are more likely to go for walks and release endorphins as they exercise.

People who live near green spaces tend to have lower blood pressure, less stress, and a better outlook on life. In turn, this helps to reduce the risk of diseases associated with those conditions. Mental health is extremely important, especially in today’s day and age, where many of us spend a lot of time on screens or in our cars.

Do It For The Animals

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  • Give animals a place to live
  • Offers some protection from the elements
  • Can bring in new animals

If you love animals, you should care about having green space in your community. Animals are slowly, but surely, running out of places to live. They are being forced out of their habitats, and that is why they are taking over our yards and properties. They don’t want to be as close to us as they are, but they don’t have any other options.

By creating green spaces, and preserving the ones we already have, we are giving these animals places to live, eat, and sleep protected against the elements, predators, and ourselves. Of course, these green spaces need to be carefully cultivated and created to support the ecosystems that we have.

Additionally, having animal life around us can benefit our health too, according to Medical News Today.

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