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Utility Line Clearing

There’s no need to stress in finding someone to perform your utility line clearing in Peterborough, ON.

Van Till Tree Care’s owner, Shane Vanden Tillaart, is an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist. He is also an ISA utility specialist and an Ontario certified utility arborist.

He and his crew can perform all your utility line clearing needs with safety and efficiency. And, you can rest easy knowing that they will adhere to all the required regulations ascribed by the utility authorities.

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Reasons for Utility Line Clearing

Perhaps you are unaware, but power companies have long recognized the fact that trees cause service interruptions and outages.

These outages can last a long time and put a number of people at a significant disadvantage. Keeping utility lines clean is one way to prevent this.

In fact, this is probably the number one reason to have your utility lines cleared by professional arborists like those at Van Till Tree Care.

It is important to note that trees that are in direct contact with these powerlines can also create fire hazards. These potential fires could lead to serious damage to persons and property.

When you notice that your tree limbs are getting close to touching the utility lines on your property, it is very important that you contact us to have them safely trimmed. We will even provide you with a free estimate for the service.

Utility Line Clearing Pricing

Caring for your property by seeking professional help to clear the utility lines is highly advisable. No doubt the idea stirs some concerns about potential expenditures. And, while we will offer cost effective line clearing services, you should be advised that prices vary.

The cost of this procedure is hinged upon the number of trees and how densely populated they are. It will also depend upon the proximity to the lines themselves. Trimming tree limbs away from powerlines is a safety hazard and should only be handled by knowledgeable professionals.

Our certified utility arborists have access to the necessary equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. They understand proper pruning and felling techniques and are adept at offering exceptional customer service.

Van Till Tree Care Does Utility Line Clearing

We have been in the arboriculture industry for nearly twenty years. Our expertise extends to all realms of tree care. So, when it comes to clearing your utility lines for new builds or existing structures, you can rest assured that we know what we are doing.

Since we offer free estimates, there is no risk to you when you give us a call. We will send some of our certified arborists out to evaluate your situation and provide you with a personalized quote. This way you will know before the project even starts exactly what you will be expected to invest.

You can reach us 24/7 in case of emergencies, which could include limbs that fall during a storm. You can contact us by phone or through our online form.

We look forward to being of assistance to you in the near future.

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