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Norwood Tree Service

The team of Van Till Tree Care’s tree service in Norwood, ON is made up of highly skill and well-trained tree care professionals.

Our team is led by our owner Shane Vanden Tillart, a Certified Arborist and Utility Specialist. We have plenty of knowledge and experience that we apply to every single project we work on, be it tree maintenance or field design work.

Van Till Tree Care’s experts utilize the latest in tree care equipment to provide a reliable, high-quality service to people and businesses in Norwood, ON and its neighboring areas. We offer an extensive range of services that include, among others, high-risk tree removal, cleanup in the aftermath of storms and various other emergencies, as well as an advanced treatment of the Emerald Ash Borer.

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We offer a wide assortment of tree maintenance services throughout the town of Buckhorn, ON. All of our services are available in the neighboring communities, as well.

Tree Trimming

Your trees need proper care from the moment they start growing. An integral part of that care is regular trimming and pruning of trees. They help assure that your trees are stable and growing properly. They also contribute to your trees’ longevity and health.

Tree Removal

Sometimes, you will need to have a tree removed. Whether for safety or for aesthetic reasons, call us to help you remove trees. We are dedicated to tree preservation and will secure them before we take them down. If a tree is healthy, we can simply move it to another site so that it can continue to live.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Every now and then, a storm or a strong wind will come, wrecking everything that stands in their way – including trees. Cleaning up the terrain after the storm is never easy, but we’re here to help you with that. We have a 24/7 emergency service aimed at providing assistance in these specific cases.

Emerald Ash Borer

This dangerous pest originating from Asia has been killing ash trees all over Ontario for the past fifteen years. We offer treatments with TreeAzin, which will save your trees from any potential infestation for the next two years. It is best used as a preventive method, but even if it’s been exposed to an attack, there’s still hope for your tree to live on.

Other Tree Care Services

We provide an all-inclusive tree care service, which means that we also do tree bracing and cabling, as well as stump grinding. We can also clear lots and utility lines. Our expertise combined with the high quality equipment we use will help you with all of your tree care needs.

Neighborhoods & Service Areas in Norwood, ON

Norwood, ON is located in the central-eastern Ontario and is part of the township of Asphodel-Norwood. This picturesque rural community is rich with historical sites and is known for its beautiful vistas, arts and culture festivals, as well as an avid interest in hockey. Our team offers services in all parts of Norwood, ON, as well as the neighboring communities, including:

  • Birdsall
  • Birdsall Station
  • Havelock
  • Westwood

Free Estimates in Norwood, ON

Call us now to get a free estimate on your tree care and maintenance projects in Norwood, ON and the neighboring communities. Our numbers are 705-653-3777 and 0800-554-3834.

If it’s more convenient to you, send us a message via the contact form on our website. Include a description and a photo, and we’ll get back to you with an estimate shortly.

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