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Marmora Tree Service

If you need your trees trimmed, pruned, sites cleared, or stumps removed in Marmora, Van Till Tree Care will take care of you.

Our tree service company was established by the ISA certified arborist, Shane Vanden Tillart, aiming to provide tree care services in many communities throughout Ontario, including beautiful Marmora. Shane has developed a wide range of tree care services aimed at catering to all of his customer’s needs.

Having worked as an arborist since 2000, Shane is pleased to offer a wide range of professional and efficient services.

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If you have trees on your farm or in your garden, you know that they require quite a lot of care and attention. Maintaining your tree’s healthy growth, getting rid of unwanted stumps or loose wood, dealing with power lines, and preventing emerald ash borer issues are just some of the jobs you need to take care of.

Thankfully, Shane has a wealth of experience and can help you with a wide variety of tree care issues:

Pruning & Trimming

Trees only grow healthily if they are pruned and trimmed regularly. Knowing how to trim and prune with a view to optimum tree health requires the knowledge and expertise of an arborist like Shane. Whatever tree species, Shane has almost certainly trimmed or pruned it before and knows precisely how to do a good job and facilitate optimum growth for your tree.

Tree Removal

Trees can be affected by a variety of diseases and it is not always possible to save them. The people at Van Till Tree Care specialize in tree removal and will be well equipped to determine whether a tree needs to be removed. If removal is required, Shane and his team will carry out the tasks quickly and efficiently.

Lot Clearing

Our company also prepares building sites by removing unwanted trees and waste wood.

Utility Line Clearing

Trees can get in the way of power lines and may cause a variety of problems. As an Ontario Certified Utility Specialist, Shane is well used to either trimming trees for existing power lines or indeed clearing tree for the installation of new lines.

Tree Health Care

The practice of bracing and cabling enables arborists to help trees to grow in a specific way. If your tree is uneven or does not provide sufficient shade, our team of arborists can professionally manage your tree’s growth and rectify the issue.

Stump Removal

Shane also gets rid of unsightly or obstructing stumps without damaging the surrounding area. He even provides topsoil to fill the site.

Emergency Services

During storms, trees can become hazardous to property and people. Van Till Tree Care provides emergency services to deal with dangerous trees and protect people and their homes.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatments

EAB has been a major problem for thousands of people, however, with a highly-effective treatment, your tree is protected for two years. The treatment works best when used as a preventative measure.

Neighborhoods & Service Areas in Marmora, ON

Surrounded by water, Marmora is indeed a beautiful village, and there is certainly no shortage of gorgeous trees. Van Till Tree Care is proud to provide services to this local community and throughout the whole of Ontario. Not only do we serve Marmora Village, we also cater to the residents of the following neighborhoods and beyond:

  • Bonarlaw
  • Deloro
  • Rockdale
  • Spring Brook
  • Rylstone

Free Estimates in Marmora, ON

We are proud to be serving Marmora and the surrounding areas. You may call us with any tree-related issue at 705-653-3777 for a free estimate.

When you visit our website, you will find a convenient free estimate contact from. Do call, we look forward to being at your service.

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