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Madoc Tree Service

We at Van Till Tree Care love assisting our Madoc neighbors with their tree care needs. The head of our company, Shane Vanden Tillart has built a comprehensive tree care business, offering a wide variety of services. Certified by the ISA since 2000, Shane now caters to a plethora of tree care needs throughout Ontario.

We also service the gorgeous Madoc area, offering tree trimming, storm damage clearing, emergency services, and all other services you may require. We feel privileged to work in your area and look forward to solving your tree issues.

The Van Till Tree Care services are comprehensive and cover all tree care needs. We aim to provide a professional and efficient service and specialize in a variety of areas.

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Trees need quite a lot of care, however, you can leave it all to us. Thanks to our extensive experience we are best placed to solve all your tree-related problems and help you deal with your concerns. Our expertise allows us to determine what service you need, and we are always eager to do a really good job.

Take a look at the services we are exceedingly experienced in and do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns:

Tree Pruning

Pruning and trimming are essential in tree care. Not only will your tree grow better, but we will also remove dead or unsightly branches.

Tree Removal

Unfortunately, sometimes trees do not survive. Harsh weather, infestation, and a number of other issues can kill trees, making removal essential. Though this can be upsetting, we will make sure to carry out this task professionally and suggest replacement planting options wherever possible.

Lot Clearing

If you need a site cleared, give us a call and within a short space of time, your will be able to commence construction or other work on your site.

Utility Line Clearing

Power lines can present a real headache when located in close proximity to trees. Shane is a certified Ontario Utility Specialist and can trim a tree to suit existing or new power lines.

Cabling and Bracing

Sometimes, people do not like the look of their tree. Perhaps it doesn’t provide the desired shade, perhaps you would just like your tree to look better. The cabling and bracing services we provide will help you to shape your tree, just the way you like it.

Stump Removal

Unsightly stumps can be a real obstruction. We can grind them down and cover the area with fresh soil. Within a short space of time, you won’t even know you ever had a tree in that spot.

24/7 Emergency Services

Trees can become hazardous during harsh weather, however, we are on standby to help.

Emerald Ash Borer Prevention and Treatment

EAB can be truly devastating. Even if the nearest infected tree is as much as 25 miles away, your tree is still at risk. With our preventative treatment, your tree will be protected for a two-year period.

Neighborhoods & Service Areas in Madoc, ON

We at Van Till Tree Care are delighted to offer our tree maintenance services to the people of Madoc and surrounds, as well as to all the people of Ontario. Madoc is a charming, beautiful town, and we love working here.

We work throughout Ontario, in Madoc, the communities listed just below and in stunning Madoc. Other neighborhoods include:

  • White Lake
  • Crookston
  • Hazzards Corners
  • Queensborough
  • Buller

Free Estimates in Madoc, ON

Our services are available in Madoc, all the surrounding neighborhoods and beyond. The easiest way to get in touch is to call us at 705-653-3777 for a free estimate. We pride ourselves in offering free estimates and you can avail of it by calling us or by filling in the “free estimates form” on our website.

Whatever tree care service you need, we will be happy to do a super job for you!

Call Van Till Tree Care for Your Free Estimate: (705) 653-3777 or (800) 554-3834